Groom & Groomsmen Style for Fresh Wedding Looks

14th March 2017


Every moment of your wedding day is going to be captured and you want to make sure you’re looking your absolute best! When it comes to the grooms and groomsmen attire, everyone thinks it’s just “putting on a suit,” but it’s much more than that... This year, men's wedding fashion is stepping it way up.

Here are some of the latest styles in suits for grooms and groomsmen trends:


For the past couple of seasons, mismatched dresses for bridesmaids have been the hot trend. But it’s 2017 and it’s time for groomsmen to start catching up to this trend. For the same reasons the ladies started this, men too could benefit from it- it’s financially favorable, easier when planning long distance weddings, and allows the groomsmen to give their own touch to their outfit.

How can you Mismatch?:

  • Different style suits in contrasting and complementing shades
  • Mismatch accessories but keep the dress pants and shirts identical
  • Choose varying shades of the same color
  • Choose a style and color palette and leave the rest to them


Color is the easiest way to express individuality and great way to incorporate your wedding theme colors. In the previous seasons, groomsmen use color through socks, braces, ties, and pocket square. This year is all about colored suits- especially jewel tones of blue, purple, and emerald. If you don’t want something so bold, pastel colors aren’t just for the bridesmaids.


Deco styled looks is a popular trend when it comes to men’s wedding fashion thanks to the old sport, Jay Gatsby. From top hats to three-pieced suits, Deco is the perfect look that can be played with to be formal or casual. For a more formal look, try a classic black 3 piece suit with satin lapels, white dress shirt, and a black or white bowtie. Or try a white blazer with black dress pants, vest, and bowtie. For a more casual look, try a brown plaid 3 piece suit with a pastel colored dress shirt or try a white 2 piece suit, beige vest, and pastel colored dress shirt. Deco is all about being dapper and looking opulent.

Another vintage trend is the english heritage - a casual look with a touch of old world classic elegance. A style built on wool, plaids, and herringbone paisleys. Try a double breasted plaid suit, solid colored dress shirt and tie, paired with Brogues or try a solid 3 piece suit with a paisley pockerchief to match your tie.

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