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Power, Influence, Character, Elegance, Intelligence, Wealth, Success, Distinction.
These words are often associated with men wearing the
finest in custom made suits.These are our words for you.
Our mandate is to provide you with a quality of craftsmanship
and materials that you have never experienced before.

Our ‘Online Tailoring Centre’ delivers one of the simplest, most private and personalized approaches to designing and ordering the suit of your desires. Choosing from the finest quality materials, sourced and hand picked from the top material providers in the world like Australian Merino Wool, to luxurious silks and cashmeres and cottons from Italy, you will be at the forefront of fashion.

With over 20 years of cutting edge tailoring our team of professional tailors and quality control experts will help you choose styles and fabrics to complete your perfect suit. In minutes you will have placed your order and your suit will become our responsibility until it is delivered to your door.

Our Promise

No two suits will ever be the same because no two men are exactly the same.
Your measurements, your design selection, your fabric choice and your specific needs are the keys that our professional tailors use every day to unlock the full potential of your custom suit.
We promise that you will want to refer everyone that you know, to us.
We are here 24 hours a day to support you and make you our top priority.
Dress like the man you know yourself to be. Lead with your best suit. We’ll make it with confidence so you can wear it with confidence.


Perfect for you, Perfected by us.

Your style is all about you. Our Suitsforme tailors capture that essence in every detail, personalising and capturing YOU in the choice of fabrics, colors, style and fit, right down to the most intricate details, such as jacket and vest lining, pockets, vents, lapels, buttons, monograms and stitching.

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with intricate details

At Suitsforme, we pay attention to the
to the “game changer” finishings to deliver the suit that you deserve.


Detail is our focus

our tailors

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When we make your suit our focus is on every detail from the first measurement to the last stitch.


Canvas Lining & Felt Collars

The drape and durability of your personally tailored suit is enhanced by the addition of two important features. First we place a full layer of canvas between the lining and your chosen fabric, throughout the jacket. Next the collar is reinforced with a quality felt to help the jacket hold its shape around your neck.


Creating gentlemen’s apparel is an art. Our skilled craftsmen have spent years honing their trade, understanding the cloth, the stitches, the lining, the cut to ensure that your suit dresses your body to enhance your look and style for success.

Fit Guarantee

Our aim at suitsforme is to deliver a perfect fit. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% happy with your purchase. Our staff will work with you and guide you through the process. However in certain cases if you need any alterations please get in touch with us. You can have your suit altered at a tailor near you and we will reimburse you. We make sure our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase.


"Exclusive Quality"


At suitsforme we ensure that you, our customer, receive the highest quality fabrics in Wool, Cotton, Linen and Silk. All our fabrics are hand selected by our expert craftsmen for their performance, drape, durability, breathability, touch and, of course, excellence.



It is a known fact that the finest and most valuable wool comes from the Australian Merino Sheep. We procure our wool from top mills around the world and Our experts check every batch of Fabrics for quality and consistency.



We focus on the length of the cotton fiber and fineness to determine superior quality.


We offer a wide variety of Silks from around the world ranging from 1 ply weave to 4 ply raw silk weave. Silk is a luxurious fabric known for its its lustre, excellent drape and rich colors.



We use long line fiber linen for our suits. Linen is great for a light weight casual summer suit as it breathes well and is durable.


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