Style Advice for Men who are Going Places

14th March 2017


They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but lets face it, our ‘cover’ is the first thing people see. Your style is a statement about where you want to be, how you want to be treated and who you are. It can change or establish other’s first opinions about you and is a great way to express yourself that can influence how you feel and even how you perform; for example, a great suit might make you feel more prepared and confident to nail that presentation, that pitch, that proposal, that interview or investor meeting.

Some of the most stylish guys around have a few key items they put to good use. While having a killer wardrobe might sound like it’s going to take a lot of money to do, if you focus on these 3 items as a foundation, you’ll have what you need to make your moves as stylishly as possible.

The Power Suit

This is a non-negotiable. As an ensemble, the power suit exudes power and confidence and says “You got this.” Split up into the 3 pieces, you have power suit elements that you can mix and match with plenty of other pieces in your closet, depending on the occasion. For a completely formal look, the 3 piece suit is ready to go. For business formal, you can lose the vest and keep the blazer, dress shirt and dress pants. For business casual, you’ll have the dress pants and dress shirt on deck; and for a casual Fridays look, you’ll need just one of these elements to mix with a casual piece.

An off the rack suit might get the job done, but it’s those miniscule details in the stitching, the lines, the smoothness of the material and how it frames you that is going to sell your look. Off the rack can be ill-fitting and bulky, making you look generic and sloppy. It’s crucial that you get an expertly tailored suit to ensure that you have a much cleaner look.


A man who’s going places, figuratively and literally, should have impeccable taste in shoes. It’s the period on the sentence of your look; imagine Idris Elba on the red carpet in a black and white classic suit, rocking some Crocs...see what we mean? It’s a pretty dramatic example, but it can be applied more subtly. The point is - your shoes finish your look, so they need to look great.

Quality dress shoes can come in a variety of brands, models and colors, for example: Oxfords, Derbys, and Brogues. If you’re attending a wedding or a more formal event then you should wear the oxford or derby shoes; however, if you’re going for more of a casual look then you should go with the brogues.

Tailored Dress Shirts

You’re going to need at least one or a few custom made dress shirts. You might think a made-to-measure dress shirt might be unnecessary, since dress shirts are under a blazer; but they have the versatility to be worn without a blazer at times and this is when the quality is going to be obvious. Also, an off the rack shirt isn’t ever going to fit your torso, chest and shoulders perfectly; with so many unique body types, an off the rack shirt might bulge in some areas, and bunch up in others, creating weird lumps and shapes under a blazer.

Being a winner sometimes starts with feeling like a winner. And looking like one might just be that first step you needed to start getting to those places that you’re going. Invest in these key pieces and you’ll be well on your way!



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