A Gentleman’s Guide to their Signature Look: Tailor Made Suits & Custom Dress Shirts


The world of menswear is quickly evolving and becoming more and more inventive. Yes, there are still great styled looks you can take right off the mannequin, but the more you personalize your attire, the more stand-out it becomes. The name of the game is customization and a signature style. And if your aim is to look like a true, new age gentleman, a cookie-cutter look just won’t do.

Finding a signature style might seem like a daunting task that takes thousands of dollars and hours to do, but it’s actually much simpler than that:

Start with the Right Pieces

The secret to nailing your unique look is securing a few key pieces that will combine well with a variety of looks and building on that. You start with neutrals and solids, start introducing prints, and work your way up to statement pieces. Before you know it, you’ll have a look for every occasion and NONE of your instagram or facebook photos will feature duplicate looks.

Tailor Made Suits & Custom Dress Shirts

Tailored everything is also the name of the game; wearing clothes that have an odd fit, are too large or too small will kill your look right off the bat. Menswear is all about silhouettes and lines, so if yours are off, it will make you look malformed, frumpy or unfit. Make sure you get measured correctly. If you want to be measured precisely, you’ll want to enlist the help of a travelling tailor to ensure accuracy.

Investing in a neutral colored Custom Dress Shirt, like a white, grey or black is a good way to lay the foundation. It’s the underlayer that will either complement or contrast the suit jacket. You’ll want to choose something that works well with a variety of looks. Once you’ve got the solids out of the way, you can start to get more adventurous, with plaid, stripes, herringbone or other, more exotic prints. You can play with different pops of unexpected colors, such as fuchsia and yellows; and of course, different fabrics for different looks; silk custom dress shirts look a bit more formal, denim dress shirts look trendy and casual while cotton dress shirts look classic and neat. Choosing about 3 neutrals and 3 -5 different prints should give you enough of a variety in your wardrobe to be versatile and unique.

Tailor made, 3 piece suits offer a cleaned up look that also give you options; you’re investing in the complete, formal look for weddings, galas, interviews, and other formal settings, but also getting the individual pieces to mix and match and integrate into your closet. Your color choices should follow the same principles discussed in finding appropriate dress shirts; neutrals first, then work your way to more adventurous options.Stick to these guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to a versatile, unique closet full of signature style that is all your own!

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2017: Custom Made Suits & Shirts


As we settle into the new year, we’re already seeing marked styles on the runways, fashion magazines and online in the world of menswear. Here’s what we have to look forward to in the new year:

Casualwear = Athleisure

This is probably one of the more comfortable of all the trends; 2016’s foray into the world of athleisure isn’t over. In 2017, we’ll continue to see the integration of styles, colors and silhouettes traditionally seen in the gym. Blacks, whites and greys will be common. Jersey materials and layers will continue to reign and other fabrics will get stretchier and more slouchy in the right places, like the harem baggy pant that took over 2016 will continue to evolve. Not a trend we’re complaining about.

No More Off-the Rack Suits

By contrast, suits will be the ultimate in a polished, clean-cut look. The customized look is how you’ll maintain an edge, posing the biggest contrast against the uber-casual, athletic looks in this year’s streetwear. A made-to-measure suit with expertly tailored lines and an immaculate fit will have you standing out from the baggy crowd, looking like you just walked out of a GQ spread.

Adventurous Prints and Colors

What we’re noticing on the runways for Spring and Summer 2017 is more risks being taken with unconventional prints and colors. The navy suits and charcoal suits aren’t going anywhere, just joined by pops of bright color like turquoise suits, emerald green suits, paisley and plaid suits, and more. We’ll also see pops of festivity via the bespoke vests under the blazers and suit jackets as well as in the tailored dress shirts found underneath.

Blast from the Past

We’ll see nods to the 20th century in 2017, including sleek tuxedos, double breasted blazers and suit jackets and more.


3 piece suits with custom dress shirts underneath, overcoats and more - 2017 is all about rocking the layered look. Rocking prints, pops of color and complimentary tones will give your style life and a flair of your own, unique personality. 2017 is a year to get adventurous about your wardrobe. A great place to start is acquiring the right tailored suits and custom dress shirts to lay the foundation for a great wardrobe.

Creating your Signature Look with Tailor Made Suits & Shirts



There’s more to great style than following the trends; actually, it’s the deviations, the details and the personal touches that really say “This is me.” It’s easy to wear a cookie-cutter look that was styled for you and an off-rack suit or generically sized button up.  The challenge is finding your own, signature style - which is why many men don’t even try.

But building your signature look doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s simply about knowing which staple pieces to have in your closet and where to embellish. While it may seem like men’s suits and shirts don’t have much room to get creative in, the truth is, there’s a whole lot of way to add your own mark. A signature look is crucial for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. The idea is to collect pieces that will compliment you best and display who you are without saying a word.

Size Matters


You may have heard this before in other conversations, but in reference to your dress style, size is everything. Knowing your measurements can make the difference between looking like you just inherited your suit from an NBA basketball player who was clearly much bigger than you - or like you just came from a photoshoot for GQ Magazine. Get measured and know your sizes! You can have a friend or girlfriend measure you, but the best way to go is with an expert; you can go find a tailor or you can actually hire a travelling tailor to come to you!

When you are ready to have a made to measure suit created for you by expert tailors, you’ll see and feel the difference. Why is a precise fit so important in both tailored suits and custom dress shirts? Because a dress shirt is the closest layer to your body (with the exception of the undershirt.) If this is too big or too small, it will affect all the outer layers. With the tailored suit, this is the shell of your outfit. It’s the silhouette that everyone sees. If this isn’t fitted to your body correctly, there’s simply no way to hide bulkiness or blazer buttons that are bulging.


Trends aren't Bible 

Think of trends as guidelines, not rules. If the season is calling for darker tones, rock that dark grey, blue or black suit - but add a pop of color with a brightly colored or printed handkerchief, bow-tie or tie; switch up the vest color underneath, or lose the vest and go for a printed dress shirt. There are plenty of other details you can make your own; from custom cufflinks to etched initials on the inner fold of your suit jacket. If your style tends to be more vintage, add a an old school fedora and pocket watch.  The combinations are truly limitless, make your suit entirely your own by getting creative with the pops and flairs, don’t stick to the pre-determined looks you’ve seen online!


Colors and Fabrics

The 4 basic colors that tend to look good on most are black, grey, blues and khaki or white.When it comes to choosing a suit color that is a bit more adventurous, you’ll want to choose something that compliments your skin tone, hair color, eye color and overall look. Lighter shades tend to stand out on darker complexions and vice versa.

The last important factor of a signature look is the fabrics you choose. Having good taste in fabrics goes beyond just your look; you’ll want your dress shirts, blazers, dress pants and bespoke vests to last you. When choosing you cottons, Italian cotton is a highly reputable choice, featuring stronger, longer fibers. That means your dress shirt will retain its strength longer than those made from lesser grades of cotton. For a breathable yet durable suit, optimal for warmer weather, high quality linen is a great choice. Bottom line: whether purchasing wool, cotton, linen or silk dress shirts or suits, quality is key.