Suit up: Why Tailor Made Suits are the Look of 2017


After a year like 2016, everyone has resolved to make 2017 a standout year. It’s time to suit up and turn things around for yourself; take control of the year and stand out from the crowd. A great way to do this is to start with your wardrobe. As you get dressed each morning, this will be the perfect reminder to take this year by the horns and go for whatever your goals are.

The casual look has had its run, but the fashion forecasts for the year are flooded with unique, custom made suits that scream personal style. There’s no reason to rock an off-rack suit, complete with the styling that was on the mannequin at the front of the men’s department. From Milan to Paris to London, countless name brand designers have set the tone for spring and summer 2017; trends like 3 piece suits, gradient colors, and plenty of layers are to be expected this year.

Colors & Prints

Daring and unique emerald green suits and blazers will make a noticeable cameo at the top of the year; We’ll also see a continuation in the popularity of grey men’s suits and blue men’s suits ( from turquoise to deep sapphire tones.) We also see a resurgence of the white suit, making a bold, refreshing statement. Bold plaid is also making a comeback in the world of bespoke tailored men’s suits.

Blazers and Overcoats

We mentioned layers, right? The catwalks were all about this. There’s no doubt that the number one trend for 2017 will be layers - and what better way to achieve this look than to rock a 3 piece-suit and an overcoat? Some of the variations we’ve seen on the runways have been made-to-measure 3 piece suits, suits with classic camel overcoats or classic grey overcoats, turtleneck sweaters under a tailored blazer, double-breasted suit jackets and more.

Start revamping your 2017 style by making sure your initial acquisitions include the following must-haves:

  • Suits with hues of grey or blue
  • Tailored 3 piece suits and blazers
  • Quality Fabrics
  • Overcoats with versatile color